Friday, November 9, 2012

Me, KKY & Melaka

This time the trip together with KKY Family.
Tokma, Tokbah, Poksu Kimie, Cik Wa, Ayah One's Family, Ayah Sue's Family and Tok Mek get together to Melaka.

Daddy said, Melaca now improve. A lot of upgrading historycal location become popular attactions.
Good job Melaka.

I'm bit scared in Taming Sari Tower, but enjoy the 360 views.


Saigon, Vietnam shoping trip

Horay we hang out again, this time is very short plan.

Ibu love to shoping, she read a lot of blogger recomended that Saigon is good place to shoping.
Yes, it is. Our luggage only 4 from begining (including atuk, wan & pak long), it we manage only 7 bag return...hoho.

The good think is, for sure ibu & daddy must have something for me. Thanks hihi.

Saigon Vietnam Log

15 Nov 2011 (Day 1)

11.20am - Landing Airport
11.50am - Check in Ssong Anh Hotel
-saigon sq
- saigon @ halal food

16 Nov 2011 (Day 2)
Walk around
Lunchb @ Dnyonya Halal Restaurant
Soang anh road

17 Nov 2011 (Day 3)
Chuchi Thunel
Lunch @ vn halal

18 Nov 2011 (Day 4)
Return to KL



Thursday, September 6, 2012

I'm Back Again, Singapore

Hi all...
erm i was bit lost lately...

Daddy seems getting too busy with new post and energizing activity,
so no one help me to update this.

Anyway, i think it good to comeback again, hoyeah!.

1st, i like to with Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin.

Refer back to my update today....haa...i think good to update my Singapore trip hehe.
Me and the whole family including Atuk, Wan & paklong visit our relatif wedding in Singapore.
Very short trip. Selamat Pengantin Baru Adry & husban!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My visit to Petrosains

I will always looking forward for weekends this is because, during this day i will spent the day with my parents going window shopping or jalan2. This weekends my mom decided to bring us to Petrosains. Perhaps there would be not much for me to understand but at least i did learnt something on cars/oil and gas/dinosour and so on.......Well later i bet my parents will bring me here back to understand more on science and technology.

Me as if kick the ball out....cewahhh

This is F1 car....not bad huh

erm....perhaps this is the place where you can find oil? and gas?

Jalan2 with ibu!Daddy caught me!


Aidilfitri 2011

My 2nd year birthday celebration at my Tokma house! TQ all for coming and celebrate! That is all my pakcik and makcik.....would love to celebrate with all of you againnnn... :)

My raya cloth given by Paklong

Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir batin.


ASM Family Day

ASM Family day...oyeah.

Starting 1st June 2011, my daddy has been promoted to become a Senior Engineer and he has been transfered to Aker Subsea Engr. Alhamdulillah, thank God for the Rezeki!

So this time around we were introduced such a big crowd mostly coming from Aker Port faces and meeting new people

We had this Family day at Sunway Lagoon...again huh? donno why they like to plan it here....
Anyway i'm enjoy myself swimming/playing near the pool hahaha

After mandi manda, we will surely singgah Atuk's Restaurant, Fig & Olive hehe. still like before....

That is my IBUUUUUU.....ermmm dont be surprise yee...
playing near the pool....

where am i?

event though i like to go to pool for swimming erm....but actually i'm a bit 'takut'....
i will always have my ibu or daddy to dukung or hold me....


Monday, November 7, 2011

Laser Game and I City

My 1st time visit to I-City.
I think i like this so much. A lot of attractions here, not only the beautiful lamp.
I can play and running around the ground, together with my beloved cousins Iman and Zidan.

Actually, my visit to I-city is due to daddy's SOC activity. Laser game.Sound interesting haaaa?
My daddy and his team won the game. Congratulations!!! senang je kan main dier daddy?

I Love Badminton

Hai all,
Today i'm happy becoz daddy bring me to Badminton Court.

Before that....
Shhh, just wanna tell u something, my daddy is super hero badminton.
The skill was in high class, since school, then university...he play well.

He is badminton coach in 1 Kolej in UTM, really cool rite. hehe.
And today he still in top class around club and office.
But...lately he lost to get champions, maybe "alasan partner" or dia he getting old (30-an this year) hhihiihihi....

And today, i was really inspired by my daddy.
I Love Badminton so much.

Thanks to my daddy for new racket :)


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Serindit Photo

Last week, we went to a photostudio to take some nice pictures. This was a last minute plan proposed by Wan, since everyone is in the house, why dont we take a photo together.

Thus we choose Serindit Photo Studio since it is located near to our house and near to our a restaurant for our dinner. The theme for the shoot is Hari Raya Theme and casual theme. All of us wore our old Hari Raya clothes since new Hari raya cloths is not yet available hehe

Enjoy below pictures as it also show how happy we are enjoying the photoshoot moments.

Surfer Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia

Surfers Paradise is like the name a paradise for all the surfers. Other than that, they have a lot of interesting place to go such as theme park, wax museum, haunted house etc.

My parents booked our flight ticket when it was offer. This would be our 1 st trip to oversea together other than the Bali trip that ibu and daddy went last month.

We went together with my Cik Wa and Pak Long. The next day when we arrived, Aunty Kath was there joining us.

Our rented car, Toyota Tarago...perfectly suitable for us.

Me ~~

That is me and my Ibu

Taking pictures with Koala your own if you want to know more....

Watching Stunt Drivers

Thats my place!

Mandi @ Wet n wild park

memang shedap!

Watching Sesame Street